A/C technician is two hours late for my appointment

My husband scheduled an appointment to have our heat pump serviced.

This is nothing out of the ordinary.

We usually have a heat pump cleaning service performed before winter begins. We bought this heat pump three summers ago when we replaced our air conditioner. When we decided to make the replacement, we sign up for a service plan. The service plan includes tune up services on the heat pump and the air conditioner. As long as these services are scheduled a week in advance, then there is no charge at all for the service appointment. My husband scheduled the service for Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. Tuesday is my regularly scheduled day off work, so we always try to schedule house appointments for those days. I had a hair appointment later that afternoon at 2:30, but I knew that the HVAC service professional would be finished in about an hour. The routine appointment is usually over in less than 60 minutes. Around 11:15, I started to panic. I expected to see the HVAC technician within the 10 o’clock hour. I contacted the HVAC service center to see if something was holding up the technician. The lady who answered the phone told me that the heat pump appointment was scheduled for 11am. The service technician was on the way and right around the corner. When I asked my husband about the appointment time, he took a short breath and then said oops. He remembered the time wrong and forgot to tell me. Luckily, I didn’t miss my appointment at the beauty salon.

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