A/C unit in school causing a disruption in the learning process

I remember when I was in highschool and there was a major issue with the HVAC unit in our building.

I was in 11th grade and remember the heat being unbearable inside the classrooms.

The students were constantly complaining of the heat, and the parents were starting to contact the school about it. We live in the South in an area where even the Fall temperatures can reach the upper 90s! This HVAC issue went on for several weeks. The entire system needed to be replaced, but the school did not have the money for it. We had to wait until we were approved by the state to have the HVAC replaced. There were even a few days that school was canceled due to this problem. Teachers started to notice that even the smartest students’ grades were starting to suffer and they were blaming the faulty HVAC system. When we finally got approved for funding from the state, the repair began promptly. There were HVAC technicians in every classroom throughout the day for several weeks. This was causing another disruption in our learning. The school decided to cancel classes for an entire week while the HVAC system was replaced. In the end, we were thankful that the air conditioning was back. It was a rough start to the school year for everyone involved. Teacher lost pay, students lost valuable learning time and the district budget was completely depleted. We did not even get to have a homecoming week that year.



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