A few bad apples stealing things

Tons of people I talk with at the Heating and A/C corporation are pretty fantastic people.

  • Then there was this new guy that started now working there! He started training with a few of my friends and my buddy was telling me how shady this new Heating and A/C worker was.

He told me that he didn’t trust him and he was pretty sure he stole some tools from his Heating and A/C van when they went out a few days ago, my buddy actually requested that the new Heating and A/C tech work with somebody else and he was excited when he no longer had to deal with the guy, then even when I met the guy, he seemed really shady to me also. Then one morning came around, I noticed that the people I was with and I were missing a bunch of smart thermostats and there was no record of them being sold to our customers. I feel as if I didn’t install any smart thermostats recently and yet our inventory was very low. There were also a few window units that were missing and this was super suspicious, then so I told the boss about my discovery of the missing Heating and A/C equipment and he said he was going to check the surveillance system. There are always cameras watching our inventory and I realized it would be idiotic for any of our Heating and A/C workers to actually steal from the Heating and A/C corporation; When I talked to the boss later about what happened, I came to learn that it was the new shady Heating and A/C tech who was seen on camera stealing the smart thermostats and a couple of window units, however before I knew it, the police were there taking this guy into custody.

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