A highrise building means it is quite hot

When I got into my dream job in the city, I was so glad to find an amazing apartment.

As someone who grew up in a small village, I’d consistently fantasized about living in a highrise building with amazing sights of the city.

I had photos saved on our computer of what I was looking for and how I would style the interior. I was so happy that my new director recommended the best real estate agent in the neighborhood and they understood exactly what I was looking for. I only had to tour one house before signing a 1 year lease. The best part was that it was under my desired plan, so I was gleeful to shop for home things with the extra money. After a few weeks in our new apartment, I noticed how sizzling it got inside. If I didn’t keep our a/c going at 69 degrees while I was away at work, I’d come house to a hot and muggy apartment. I could physically feel the heat go up as I’d go up the stairs. When it sprinkled, the heat and humidity were suffocating. I’d been looking forward to keeping our windows open and letting the cool breeze flow around, while feeling on top of the world. I hastily noticed that I had to keep the temperature at 70 degrees and use our portable fan to get the air moving. I couldn’t sleep at night without a fan. When I got our first energy bill, I was not happy.