Adding a deck with HVAC for the dog

Jane and Jack bought a beagle puppy and right away my husband and I loved him.

The beagle was so small and cute.

He had so much spunk and personality. As their beagle continued to get older, my husband and I became more and more attached. Jack and Jane knew both of us loved him, so when the beagle’s biological mother had more pups, both of us instantly knew we had to get one! It was the right situation, because our pets were brothers now and they could be together all the time. Recently, Jack and Jane went on holiday and left their pet with the other in-laws. When they returned from the vacation, they came over and showed us a picture of their trip and a few pictures the other in-laws had taken with their beagle. Apparently, the beagle stayed in their deck area the whole week and absolutely loved it! All the dog wanted to do was sit in the sizzling sun and nap. When I saw the photos, I knew my husband and I had to add a cozy deck to our apartment for our beagle! When I asked my husband about it, he said it would be easy to put onto our home, but difficult to heat and cool. All of us met with our local Heating, Ventilation and A/C provider and got a professional opinion, and they said the same. However, once the deck was built, both of us could rearrange our HVAC duct to heat and cool the space.


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