Adding HVAC to our barn

The concept of a she-shed seems actually interesting to me. It is love a man-cave however it is for ladies, you buy a shed, from a new home improvement store, then paint it up, decorate it, and furnish it to make it into your perfect little oasis, however after a bit of digging around, I decided that this is what I wanted for my 40th birthday present. My partner kided me about it a bit but he was completely on board with helping me build and set up my own she-shed. He kept refering it to it as my “playhouse” and said it looked love the sort of thing you would build for young ladies to play in. I didn’t care, and I knew he was only joking. He was actually helpful with getting the shed build and helping me chance out the right paints for indoor and outdoor painting; The shed all of us build even has a little sun roof. The only problem is, that the shed gets certainly boiling with the sun shining through the roof love that. My partner advised that all of us install a little window air conditioning component although I didn’t want to block off the only other window that the shed has. He said he could split a hole in the wall, down near the floor, and it wouldn’t block the window or be too ugly. This turned out to be a wonderful idea. It worked actually well and now my she-shed is comfortably cool. All of us are also installed a small baseboard heating system for when Winter time comes. Now all I need is a sink and a toilet and I could practically live in my little shed.

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