Air quality boost with the help of duct boosters and air purifiers

Living with allergies is always a pain.

Add a tendency to sweat and overheat to that mixture, and you’ve got the lifestyle that I’ve had to live through most of adulthood. I tend to leave bars, clubs and other nightlife venues early due to my allergies and excessive sweating. I’ve noticed that I don’t have such a problem with my perspiration if I’m in a place with plenty of air circulation, but that’s not always easy to find. For me, a house can’t simply be cold from an A/C system running – it needs to have a flow of air that I can feel, as if a ceiling fan is over my head at all times! That’s why I decided to invest in two things to help with my lovely physical disorders. First, I invested in air purification systems to work with my central A/C system. These air purifiers work to kill germs and bacteria floating through the air, but they also provide plenty of fresh air that has been neutralized as far as smell goes. The result is a much more pure air quality, which can make all the difference on a day when my allergies aren’t cooperative. To address the sweating issue, I invested in duct booster fans. These fit in line with the ductwork in the house, and speed up the flow of air through the ducts. That of course makes the air come out of the ventilation registers at a much faster pace! Overall, these two changes to my central A/C system has made spring and summer living much more comfortable.

Whole home air purification