All about my allergies

I used to love to go to the park with my wife and take long walks.

Unfortunately, I can not do that much anymore following the onset on allergies that happened to me.

Sometimes when it comes to allergies, it can happen much later in life. And reaching my older age now it’s happening. My allergies are so bad that we had to invest in a whole home air purification system for our home. The air quality in the area obviously is not the best. This was something I did not notice until I began having my allergy problems. I was not happy in any way to invest thousands of dollars into a whole home air purification system. But the whole home air purification system is something that helps me to be able to breath with very little allergy symptoms while indoors. But anytime I go outside. Even to work, I start having allergy attacks. I got on some pills the doctor gave me to help combat the allergies. And they help temporarily so I could at least go out and work my job. But once the work day is over, I need to be at home in the true comfort of my central heating and air conditioning system along with the whole home air purification system. The combo of the 2 gives me the best indoor comfort possible for my strange situation. Someday we will move from this area and hopefully I can sell off this whole home air purification system as used HVAC equipment and get some of my investment back whenever we would be moving from this area!



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