Both have opposite HVAC needs

Before your wedding, older couples will warn you about the honeymoon period of love ending and having to live with each other’s negatives.

I was one of those people living on cloud 9 refusing to think what they were telling me. I’d been with our Darren for numerous years and seen the way he lived on his own. I’d even been on a long vacation with Darren and never noticed anything that irked me. Once him and I had the wedding and were living under the same roof for almost a year, I slowly started noticing that I was wrong and the honeymoon period was most legitimately over. Dareen never put his stuff in the trash, he left his clothing everywhere, and he never turned the car lights off. All of these things bother me, but they’re minimal compared to his largest issue. All of us are the exact reverse when it comes to the temperature control settings at night. I’m someone who enjoys the temperature set absolutely low so I can bundle up in the sheets. I also adore to keep a fan running for background noise. Darren on the other hand wants to feel a little hotter and sleep on top of the covers separate from any noise. Every night, him and I have a fight about the temperature of our room. He complains that the air conditioning is blowing on him and he’ll get sick, and I complain that I can’t sleep with his heating device on high.

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