Both of us want to go away because of the nonsense that is going on in our state

I am so disappointed with these up-to-date laws in our state.

They made this bail reform law which basically allows most criminals to go free.

It wasn’t too long ago when somebody broke into our lake house and stole a bunch of things including our up-to-date costly window air conditioning units… You might suppose that window air conditioning units are nothing special, but these were some advanced cooling machines. They were incredibly powerful and they even had built in smart control units. This means that I was able to control our window air conditioning units with our smartphone from virtually anywhere, then unluckyly, the smart app doesn’t tell myself and others the location of the window air conditioning units. I really wish they would add a feature appreciate that for anti-theft purposes! The wonderful news is, I have a camera security system and I managed to catch the guy’s face on camera. Even the police managed to get his finger prints and so he was taken in and I was pressing charges. The thing is, even when all was said and done, the guy didn’t even get locked up! They just let him go to really go burglarize some other terrible victims and he could keep doing it with our up-to-date laws! I don’t get what is going on with this state, but I suppose I am going to have to transport for the safety of our family and I. I don’t suppose every one of us can continue to deal with this nonsense. I’m thinking every one of us should head out west where the weather is warmer and perhaps every one of us could get by with just a heat pump.
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