Buying a new car with a faulty A/C unit

When we are young, we think that we know everything.

When I was a teenager, I thought I knew more information than my parents.

I hardly listened to their advice, especially when it came to buying my first car. I had a lot of money saved up from Christmases, birthdays, and other holidays. I had plenty of money to buy a car, but my parents kept coming up with reasons to keep me from making a purchase. One of the cars was too old and another had tires that looked to one. Another car was an awful color and another car had too much rust. Every time I thought I was an inch away from having my own vehicle, there was something wrong. I finally had enough of my parents opinions, and I decided to buy a car from one of my co-workers. I drove the car and it worked great. I checked the AC to make sure it was cold. It was really hot outside on the day of the test drive, so AC was necessary. The AC was blowing ice cold air on the day of the test drive. Three days later, the AC would not work at all. I tried to talk to the previous owner, but he told me that the car was my problem. I told my parents that the AC was not working and they did not seem to care. They didn’t want me to buy a car unless they checked it out first. I immediately understood why they were taking so much time to help me find the right car. I had to spend $400 to fix the AC problem in that car.

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