Could not run my friend’s thermostat

My apartment is in the heart of having a total remodel finished.

I obtained it knowing about all the work that it needed, despite the idea that I was gleeful to completely revamp it.

It was in an amazing spot, and I had a very clear vision for it. I’m still not sure if I’m going to reside in it forever after it’s all said and done, or sell it for a small amount of money. I think it depends how long the process will take. I’ve already hit our first issue though. While the dealers were over, they hit a pipe and ruined it. All the floors were coated in water, and the water was shut off in order to stop anymore water issues happening. I’ve been staying with our best neighbor in the meantime. On our first night in her home, I got extremely overheated while I was in the middle of the night. I was so overheated that it caused myself to wake up and go searching for her thermostat device. I wouldn’t normally go into someone’s house and switch their thermostat device around, but she was my best friend and I was desperate. When I finally situated it in the hallway, it wouldn’t let myself and others make any alterations to the heating and air. After hitting it a few times, I offered up and took a cold bath. The next afternoon, I told her about the broken temperature control and she laughed. Apparently, had the thermostat locked because their girls tended to change the settings too.



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