Daycare center need playground

My mom and I have been running our childcare center from our condo for about 10 years now.

At first it was just a few children and, to be candid, all of us weren’t licensed.

That changed abruptly and all of us got our daycare license and about 25 more kids and a half dozen more employees. Over the last ten years all of us have been using a general business to update our house. Both of us don’t live at this address anymore. Both of us have given over to the kids completely and all of us couldn’t be happier with our decision. Every room of the current home is now a playroom. Ironically, the single area of the property that is not designed for play is the yard. Both of us have a few plastic assemble-it-yourself slides and toys outside but they look cheap because they are cheap, and so recently, our mom and I decided to do something about that. Both of us decided to update the daycare playground. This meant hiring a business to install really playground unit and playground floors. Both of us didn’t think where to beginning or who to hire. That is, until all of us found out that our general businesses also do playground construction. So all of us hired them immediately and they helped us change out age appropriate playground equipment. I can’t wait until they are all finished with installing everything. It is going to look amazing and the kids are going to really appreciate it. Not only that but an improved playground will genuinely attract more new customers too. The outside of a childcare center is what attracts most customers. Of course, then I will need to expand our childcare again. That’s not a problem!

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