Decided to check out the new contractor in town

Seeing that there was a new contractor in town, I decided to go check them out.

They were an HVAC business that had modern HVAC systems in stock ready for installation. They had all kinds of amazing systems like radiant heated floors, geothermal heat pumps, ductless HVAC systems, and more. I loved that they had a few of these systems on display. I even learned how the geothermal heat pumps work. It’s amazing how they are able to access the underground stable temperatures and bring heating into the house. Also the heat pump can go into reverse operation and supply cooling in the house by pushing all the heating away from the home. While this type of system was tempting to go for, I knew that I couldn’t afford it because it is expensive to have installed. Still, if you consider the benefits of having such a system installed, it’s well worth it since it will last a truly long time. These systems genuinely last longer than most other styles of HVAC equipment. On top of that, a system like this is extremely energy efficient which will help take some of the sting out of the initial investment. While it was fun learning about different HVAC systems, I wanted to go home with something good. I ended up looking at the smart thermostats and had one of the professionals install it at my residence. The new smart thermostat is fantastic with many features like geofencing, auto learning, and more. The energy bills are even lower after using it for a little while.


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