Either warm or cold

I feel that I am an harshly complicated human being plus I don’t expect anybody to understand where I am coming from most of the time, but to be honest, our internal states are as much of a mystery to myself and others as everybody else, then periodically I have different emotions plus internal sensations that I cannot explain.

Once in a blue moon I have thought so that it will not dissipate no matter how often I run through them, and sometimes I cannot get comfortable no matter what I try to do in our house, I understand that I am rather temperature sensitive compared to your typical bear.

To be honest with you I think that I am very hard when it comes to indoor air temperature plus air quality control. I have a lot of air temperature preferences plus I insist on having top-notch air quality in order for our respiratory plan to stay as healthy as possible. That being said, not everybody agrees with our penchant for central heating, cooling, plus air quality control management. I think a lot of folks who do not agree with our preference for sizzling air all day long plus ice cold hot plus cold temperatures at night. In fact, I suppose as though it would be tough for me to be too warm during the day or too cold when I am wrapped up in our blankets in the night. This means that our central heating and cooling plan has to run through its paces every single day. I am regularly making sure that I am heating our apartment during the day plus letting in ice cold air before I try to close our eyes at night. I don’t care about our air quality sensitivity plus I think our social contacts do not either.
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