End of R 22 HVAC refrigerant has neighbor enraged

That means my neighbor’s HVAC heat pump is pretty much obsolete.

There are times when I can simply feel myself carrying a measure of resentment, anger and frustration. Anyone who is trying to make it can certainly understand that sentiment. It’s just tough out there. Nobody seems to even consider anyone other than themselves anymore. Perhaps I’m just an aging Gen X’er with a bit of nostalgia. But there are times I have to walk right in front on the nearest HVAC vent and just let it blow on me. Without that few seconds of perspective, I might lose the handle for sure. So, I do my best to just calm down and take things one at a time. After work, I do sit for a minute to let the HVAC rain down on me and cool my jets. However, I have a neighbor who runs boiling hot all the time. And, he never misses an opportunity to let me know all about it. Normally, he waits for me to park in the driveway to come out and explode. That should be incentive enough to get the garage cleaned out so I could avoid him way more. The latest chapter of rage against the world was over the fact that R 22 HVAC refrigerant is no longer legal to make in the United States. That means my neighbor’s HVAC heat pump is pretty much obsolete. Now, I have known about the phase out of R 22 for several years now. I think every homeowner has been aware it was coming for year. That is, except for my neighbor. He is absolutely beside himself and is blaming everyone but himself for state of affairs.

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