Family dynamics make work even harder

Some days I really hate working for my dad.

I am thankful that he gave me a job, but he is always yelling and screaming about something.

I knew that it might be a problem to work together, but my mom insisted that it would help our relationship. I didn’t grow up with my dad in the house. In fact, I didn’t see him even once during the time I was a teenager. He came back into my life suddenly and wanted to make some changes. He offered to give me a job working with him at the HVAC company. My dad is the owner of the HVAC company. He can hire anyone, even if they don’t have any formal training. I didn’t know much about heating or air-conditioning, but I knew the job would be much better than working at Burger King or McDonald’s. My dad offered to pay me $12 an hour, and that seemed like a ton of money at the time. The first couple of weeks were not too bad, and then my dad and I started to fight every single day. He moved me to a different department, and now we only see each other at lunch. I still work for the HVAC company, but now I am in charge of delivering parts to all of our different regional branches. I like the job a lot better, because I don’t have to see my dad at all. I know that he is trying to do a good job, but I don’t need a dad anymore. I am almost 25 years old and a dad would have been more helpful to me when I was 10 or 12.