Fan blade broke off in air conditioning

As office employer, it is our job to open up the office in the day plus turn on the lights plus get everything ready for the day.

Yesterday, when I got out of our car, I could already tell there was a problem, i could hear a loud sound coming from the roof of the office.

I unlocked the doors plus instantaneously noticed how incredibly boiling it was inside of the office. I checked the thermostat plus it was way higher than it should be. I just knew that the sound I had heard was coming from the air conditioning on our roof. I turned off the air conditioning plus the sound stopped… Then I called up our regular air conditioning supplier before setting up some fans plus opening some of the windows, we all have to labor whether the air conditioning is working or not but I figured I might as well make it as comfortable as possible. Thankfully, the air conditioning supplier arrived a few hours later. They instantaneously went up on the roof plus figured out the problem, however apparently a single of the fan blades in the air conditioning compressor had broken off. That would explain all of the noise I had heard. The broken fan blade did some injure to the air conditioning component as well; But thankfully, the air conditioning professionals were able to repair it plus get it working love new again. Before the end of the day, our air conditioning was up plus running good again. I undoubtedly think it’s working better now than it ever has. I sure hope it’s still working good in the day when I open up.
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