Getting in shape after divorce

When I went through my divorce, I struggled with self-confidence issues and depression.

My ex-husband was very hard on my self-esteem.

He constantly made derogatory remarks about my physical appearance. He undermined my efforts to workout or eat healthy. He also got us into huge financial debt. Parting ways with him was the best thing I ever did, and yet it was the most difficult time of my life. I felt the need to put as much distance between us as possible, and so I moved to an area where I knew no one. I worried that I’d never get my life back in order or feel good about myself. I was lucky to meet some great people at my new job. I learned that the company sponsored a corporate wellness program. I was given a free gym membership that included nutritional counselling, personal training and group fitness classes. Since I was bored, lonely and desperate to make improvements to myself, I immediately signed up and started attending the gym. Every free moment, I was either utilizing the workout machines, taking a class or scheduling a session with the personal trainer. I also sat down with the nutritionist, who customized a meal plan to my preferences and goals. It didn’t take long for me to see and feel improvement. I didn’t just lose weight but strengthened and toned my muscles. I suddenly had more energy every morning and slept better at night. Through the group classes, I met some really great people and started to socialize a bit. It’s now been two years since my divorce, and I feel like a whole new person.

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