Happy I got a ductless mini-split

I’m not an athletic person.

I don’t play activitys, at least not truly well.

But, you don’t have to be athletic or nice at activitys to prefer nature. I do prefer the good outdoors. Before both of us had money to take our family to baseball games, both of us would take our children to free little league games on Tuesdays. Before both of us could afford a snowmobile, both of us took the kids sledding at the park. Before both of us got our boat, both of us would go swimming with a raft. Even before both of us had money for lavish toys, both of us spent a lot of time outside. The two of us prefer concerts in the park, visiting the local botanical gardens, plus barbecuing, so, some people would consider us outdoorsy.But, that doesn’t mean that both of us don’t prefer time indoors with a nice book or nice movie… And, that doesn’t mean that I don’t hold my Heating plus A/C equipment in the highest regard. The two of us take nice care of it plus have it serviced weekly, because after a difficult afternoon of labor plus play, I enjoy to cuddle under a sizzling blanket in a frigid room, whether it is summer time or winter. I seem to breathe better that way. That’s why I am glad, when both of us added our kitchen to our house, that both of us had a ductless a/c plus heating equipment installed in our room. It made the most sense, and now I can have my kitchen set at any temperature that I want, separate from making anyone else uncomfortable. It’s a nice thing the ductless equipment is energy efficient, considering how cold I prefer to keep my kitchen.



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