Helping a friend in need

I haven’t spoken to my friend John in three or four months, but he called last weekend out of the blue.

I knew that John was dating a new girl, because he always disappears when he meets someone new.

My other friends and I expect this from John, and we try not to give him a hard time. John and Jessica met several months ago, and John has been busy wining and dining her. When he called on Saturday, I knew something must be wrong. He was frantic, because the A/C equipment was broken and Jessica was due home in an hour. He had a big celebration planned to mark their four month anniversary. He bought a necklace and wrote a love poem. He told me that the A/C equipment was frozen like a sheet of ice. He opened the A/C unit closet and found everything covered in thick pieces of ice. I asked John what the temperature on the thermostat was set to. He responded with 65 degrees and I knew why the AC equipment wasn’t working immediately. Anytime you lower the temperature that much, you run the risk of overheating the equipment. When the AC has to work too hard, sometimes the entire machine can freeze up. I told John to turn off the AC equipment and try to melt the ice. I wasn’t very busy at the time, so I decided to go to John’s apartment and help out. We didn’t have the AC equipment fixed by the time that Jessica arrived, but it sure was a funny story.
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