Her favorite time of the day

About a month ago, our partner and I decided to invest in a current house, however the main reason why we chose to do this was to have our mother stay with us, however she is getting up there in her years, and I don’t actually trust a nursing cabin to take care of her.

I have been hearing some horror stories about those nursing homes, and I don’t want her to have to suffer in her final years.

So we purchased a home that has an in-law suite with it’s own study room and everything. There is even a Heating and A/C zone control so she can crank up the heating system as much as she needs without affecting our part of the household. There is also a genuinely great fireplace in the study room area; Even though our mom prefers her own part of the house, she prefers resting in front of the fireplace in her rocking chair while she knits. She loves to craft all kinds of things like socks, sweaters, and scarves. She has made our partner and I all kinds of things like that while she rests in front of the fireplace. Sometimes I will just relax there with her and just talk about topics while listening to the crackling noise of the fireplace. I genuinely can’t blame her for being passionate about that spot so much because it genuinely is comfortable and relaxing. Sometimes our mother will make us all some delicious tepid cocoa as well. She makes it better than anybody else, and I love it when she does that; A lot of the time, our partner, our mom and I will all just be relaxing in front of the fireplace sipping on that nice tepid chocolate.

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