Hockey game melting ice

My husband and I love to go to hockey games.

We had our first date at a hockey game so there is a sentimental feeling we get when we go to the games together.

We even bought season tickets for our local hockey team so we can go to as many games each season as we want. It’s a fun date night for us and we really enjoy it. One night my husband and I went to a game after work, thankfully the rink is close to where we live. When we got inside we both looked at each other because it was much warmer than it usually is when we go. I started to worry that the ice would begin to melt because it started to get even warmer as the night went on. I asked one of the people working what was going on and they said that the HVAC system stopped working right before the game started and they thought it would be fine to get through the game. However, I could tell the ice was starting to melt faster because they even brought out giant fans to help keep things cool. I hope they have an HVAC company scheduled to come out the next day because if not this could get pretty dangerous for the players. The last thing our team needs is to have injured players while we are in the middle of playoffs.


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