HVAC repair techs are getting soft

Two weeks ago when I had a day off of work I decided to dedicate the day to fixing things up around my house. I recently have been given a big promotion at work which I am thankful for, but with the new title I have been working more hours than I ever have been before. Now that I had a day off I was going to finally be able to address the problems that I had seen worsening over the past few months, or so I thought. The first thing that I decided to try and take care of was getting a new air conditioning unit installed. My previous unit had been becoming less reliable during the summer season for a long time now and I finally had the money to make an upgrade. I had imagined that when the HVAC repair tech showed up to my front doorstep and eventually got to work installing a new air conditioning unit it would only be a few hours until the job was done and I could move on to other tasks. Unfortunately for me, HVAC heating and cooling company sent the laziest repair tech they could find. This guy was so bad that whenever he would work for more than five minutes straight I would see him head to the back patio to take a ten minute smoke break. I couldn’t believe it! By the time he had finally finished installing the unit the sun was already setting and I hadn’t been able to check off a single other thing from my list. I really should have gone with the old HVAC company I used to hire even though they are more expensive because I know that they will be able to do what I need them to and do it in a timely manner.

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