I am a day trader and here is why AC is so important

I am always at home on my computer watching the stock market.

  • My job can get pretty stressful and the one thing I really hate is when the AC isn’t working.

If I am losing money and the AC isn’t working there is a pretty big problem. I also feel the same way if it’s winter and the furnace has stopped. I want to be in a perfect temperature while I am working and that means that my HVAC system needs to be top notch. I have a friend that works as an HVAC technician and he is always offering to help me with my HVAC system if it fails. When I first moved into my house I guess my AC unit was too powerful, which I didn’t even know was a thing, but I guess it is! On the other hand my furnace isn’t powerful enough so for a while I was stuck using my fireplace. My fireplace is really nice but it doesn’t heat up the whole house. If I have to spend time worrying about my HVAC system I am making far less money with my day trading than I want to. My HVAC technician has been really good about stopping by every month just to make sure that my AC system and everything is working. I tip my HVAC technician very well just to make sure that he keeps coming by, it’s worth every penny if I know that my HVAC equipment is going to work. I know a lot of people that don’t really take care of the HVAC systems, and I am not one of them. I know that I spend a lot on my HVAC system, but I also save quite a bit more than others by maintaining my AC unit.


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