I bought an a/c and a humidifier for my dream house

I bought an a/c and a dehumidifier for my house.

  • I guess that a/cs also take moisture out of the air, even though I was afraid that 1 window component would not do the trick; You see, I had been having so much trouble with my hair because of the humidity in my house.

It is also undoubtedly humid outside of course, even though I do not go out that often. I work from home, but it is not like I just rest at my desk on a laptop all day, however well, I do that, even though I have to do online meetings with people as well, however they have to be able to see my face. I have to look presentable every single day. I can’t just work in my pajamas, or I am sure that I would get fired. I needed to do something about my deranged hair. I kept putting it up for awhile, but it would supply myself and others headaches, so I had to come up with a peculiar solution. I decided that buying an a/c would easily help. I had trouble with being too hot anyways. I didn’t guess that the 1 a/c would do it for my hair problems though, so I decided to get a humidifier along with it. I am so ecstatic that I did. I have found that the humidifier collects a ton of moisture from the air even though I am using the a/c 24/7. I have found that it has made quite a difference in my hair, even though I have also gotten used to having air conditioner in my residing room where I work, and now, I want it in my home office.

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