I can’t stand it when people have air conditioning emergencies

Over the past seven years, I have seen a lot of things as a heating and cooling technician.

I usually love my job and all of the customers I see as an HVAC technician.

But there’s one thing about my job that really gets on my nerves. In the summertime when the weather is really heating up, I start getting all of these after hours requests from customers with their so-called air conditioning emergencies. It’s not like we live in a climate where the temperature gets super high. Our temperatures around here are usually fairly moderate and mild. But whenever we have the occasional heat wave in the summer, the calls about air conditioning start rolling in on a regular basis. You would think that these people had never felt high temperatures or the sunshine before. Honestly, it drives me crazy the way they tell me that I need to drive the HVAC truck to their house right away because their homes are so hot that they can’t stand to be inside. I usually tell them to open a window, use ceiling and box fans, and just suffer until I can get there. Whenever someone uses the term air conditioning emergency, I almost always tune them out! The only exception I make is when the temperature outside is in the nineties and the caller is elderly. Then I usually go out and check out their air conditioning system right away. Otherwise, people can just deal with it for a couple of days. Having no heating in the winter is an emergency. Having no A/C in the summer is just an inconvenience.


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