I don’t know how this HVAC worker got me to buy so many things

I was not in the mood to talk to a sales professional the other day, but I ended up buying a few things.

  • It was an HVAC professional who came to my door.

I asked him why he was going door to door soliciting, but he was smooth and got me interested in these new UV air purifiers. He said they were selling like hot cakes and he just wanted to make sure I could get a great deal delivered straight to my door. I’m not exactly sure if it was the product that I appreciated or this guy’s sense of humor. He was cracking jokes left and right and he genuinely had me laughing. I was in a bad mood when I first answered the door, but this guy was able to get me to relax and appreciate what he was telling me. He even gave me some interesting energy saving tips. One was to invest in a smart thermostat which saves approximately 15% on your energy bills if you are upgrading from an old thermostat. I ended up buying a couple of UV air purifiers, a box of HEPA filters, and a smart thermostat. It was rather expensive, but it was kind of fun learning different things. I even am considering calling the company up to consult with an HVAC expert to see what HVAC system I should upgrade too. While my HVAC system is only 12 years old, the HVAC expert who came to my door said that it’s always wise to go for an upgrade sooner than later so I can enjoy the energy savings with a modern system.

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