I don’t think I’ll be using the heat pump as much

It seems as though I could do better about paying attention to the heating and cooling in my house.

Well really, it’s more cooling than it is the heating.

In fact, I think I’ve heard the heat pump come on for heating maybe a half dozen times all winter. Now that it’s late January, I don’t imagine I’ll hear the heat pump come on for heating again. In this region, springtime comes early and the temperatures rise. For my fiance, it’s a sad time because he likes the mild temperatures in the winter. He’s from up north and is accustomed to winters that require a gas furnace to survive. When he moved down here, he fell in love with the weather many months of the year. But he is chased inside all day during the summer weeks. That’s not the case for me. While it can wear me down a bit, I enjoy being outside in the garden during the summer. Yet, I also have to be far more careful about gardening around the heating and air conditioning equipment alongside the house. I nearly choked out the heat pump last summer. I think I was getting a bit too warm as I was not paying close attention to what I was doing. Somehow, it seemed like the right system to throw the tarp I had to toss stuff on as I was weeding the flower beds out there. I just wanted it to dry off in the sunlight while I went in for dinner. I didn’t even think about the air flow restriction this would cause. Fortunately, my fiance saw what I was doing and stopped me before I completely choked out the heating and air conditioning equipment.

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