I don't want to miss the ballet recital

My daughter has been doing ballet for a few months now.

She had a recital last month, but I missed the entire performance.

I did my best to leave work early, but I was stuck working on a boiler project. There are only a few people in my office that have boiler experience, so I am often in charge of the specialty projects and consultations. I was expecting to be done at 3, but we didn’t finish with the boiler project until 30 minutes after 7. By the time I got home, the show was already halfway over. My daughter was really disappointed and sad, even if she didn’t say it out loud. I didn’t want the same thing to happen for this month’s recital, so I told my boss that I needed to be done with all of my work by 3 p.m. I wanted plenty of time to drive home, take a shower, and have some food. The day started off easy and we were slow until noon. My boss received a call from a factory down by the pier that was having trouble with the boiler. When he called me with the job, the time was 1:45. I told my boss that I could not go to the job. I knew I would not be finished by 3. It would take at least 30 minutes to drive to the location. My boss gave me an odd look, and I thought he was going to make me leave. Instead, he called the company back and told them that we could not get to them until the morning.


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