I Have No Control of My Own Thermostat:

The cost of living has gone up over the past few years, and everything in general is costing more and more too.

  • I think that there’s a wide demographic out there who are struggling to keep up with life.

To be honest, I’m one of those people. I try a good bit to keep up with my social life and responsibilities, however it’s strenuous when I don’t make as much money as everyone else does. I worked several jobs on the side, just to keep up with my everyday demands. One thing I’ve had to compromise on in order to save money, is my apartment. I don’t live in anything nice like my friends, and it’s not fun. However, I do save a good bit of money. One thing I honestly don’t care about in my apartment is the heating plus cooling system. The control unit is kept locked up, so that I can’t touch the settings. My property owner loves to control the temperature of the apartment’s Heating plus Air Conditioning system herself. Also, the cooling system vents are situated in the worst areas in the home, so it’s almost impossible to get cool if I’m overheated. I’m beginning to resent my place and landlord. I can’t wait to move into an actual home that I own one day. One that has a normal Heating plus Air Conditioning system. I tried asking my landlord if there was anything she could do to improve my Heating plus Air Conditioning system, but she just laughed and said no. I want to make sure that I’m saving enough money in the meantime, so that I can afford a new home with a heating and cooling system that I can control myself.

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