I love working remotely!

I’m so grateful that my boss decided that all of his employees could continue to work from home if they so wished after the pandemic was over.

I guess the people in charge at my company realized that their employees can be productive while remaining at home, so they let us have the option as to whether or not we would physically return to work.

I, for one, have been thoroughly enjoying staying home, mainly because it is such a comfortable environment for me, and I get to set whatever temperature I want on my thermostat. This has been especially enjoyable during the summer because of how hot it is outside. For the sake of those who had to return to their offices after the pandemic, I really wish that more companies would realize that having their employees work from home is very tenable, and potentially, they will be happier and more productive workers in the end. One thing that is annoying me, or at least, had been annoying me for some time was my neighbor’s air conditioner cycling on and off very audibly throughout my work shift. I ended up having to wear noise canceling earphones and listen to a podcast or some music to block out the sound of their air conditioner. It seems to be cycling on and off far too often. However, it has gotten cooler outside as fall is approaching, so I have taken my laptop outside where it’s quiet and peaceful to work. This has been quite enjoyable.

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