I need another thermostat

My husband and I have been thinking about adding a few rooms to our current home.

We have lived here for a while and we really like our house. However, we don’t have many bedrooms and we are wanting a few more. We plan on having more children and the current size of our house is just too small for that. We think the addition will have two more bedrooms and one bathroom. It should be a relatively easy addition that won’t cost us a lot of money. However, we are going to have to have a HVAC unit installed with the new addition. We want to make sure that our current HVAC system will be able to handle the new rooms. I think we might end up having to have a new thermostat installed so that we can control the temperature without affecting the rest of the house. I am not sure how much money these HVAC changes are going to cost, but I know that in the end they will be worth it. I am really looking forward to having all the construction done so we can start to decorate the new side of the house. It is going to be so fun to pick out all new floors and wallpaper for the new addition. My husband and I can’t wait to get everything started! I think we will start the construction next week and it should take more than a couple months to complete.


a/c representative