I own a great cooling system

He can have the office however I get the bathroom.

My bestie plus I are polar opposites. I prefer any sort of athletic activity. I will play the sport or watch it on TV. He really prefers to stand down plus learn a superb book. I am nuts about cooking plus finding new recipes. He prefers just going out to eat since it is simple. We are just as opposite in our temperature control wants too. My bestie enjoys AC, the more the better. In the summer time he has the A/C cranaked as low as it can go. The first sign of warmth means on comes the air conditioner. It if were up to me, every one of us would not even own a cooling system. I prefer having the oil furnace on. If there is a slight chill in the air, I want the oil furnace on plus to stand by it. I will even run the oil furnace on a Spring day since it is frosty in the day. These temperature preferences used to be a big concern for us. We then updated to zone control plus everything is so much better… Every room in the home has an indoor air handler with a thermostat. We picked rooms that every one of us get to decide the climate control for. He gets the family room plus I get the kitchen. He can have the office however I get the bathroom. We then moved into separate kitchens. Sleeping at night was an issue with the A/C plus heating needs! Now every one of us both rest better plus never fight with the other man anymore. We have our own separate areas that every one of us can have the Heating plus Air Conditioning set to what every one of us want.

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