I took the A/C out of the window and to the basement without help

It took me about an hour, but I was able to get my A/C moved! I needed to Move my A/C out of my family room window because it was letting freezing air in.

  • It has been quite freezing now that fall is officially here.

The high temperatures have only gotten up to the sixties during the day, and down to the forties at night. When I wake up some mornings it is down to the thirties. It has just been way too freezing to have my A/C in my family room window letting outside air in my room. I am the type of person who has to have the room temperature at least seventy degrees for me to be able to relax. If it is freezing in my family room, I can not relax. My A/C is quite large, so I was not too sure if I would be able to transport it on my own. I normally have my brother transport my A/C for me, but he has left for college, so I didn’t have anyone to help me transport my A/C. I made the decision to try to transport my A/C on my own, and I was able to do it. It took me an hour to get the A/C out of the window and to the basement. I normally store my A/C in the basement over the Winter months. I am so proud of myself for being able to get that large A/C down to the basement without hurting myself. It was pretty impressive if I do say so myself.


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