I work as a maintenance person and I can’t tell you how many people complain

I have been a maintenance technician for about 5 years now and it’s a pretty easy job.

I work at a hotel and most of the maintenance has to do with the AC systems.

I always get guests that claim their AC unit is working well so I have to go investigate. The hotel I currently work for has one of the nicest HVAC systems I have ever seen and it’s very rare that there is actually a problem with one of the AC units. Usually what I have seen is that people don’t know how to work the air conditioner in the room so they just call maintenance. Each room has a smart thermostat and I figure that maybe some people have never seen a smart thermostat and they don’t know how to work it. When I first saw a smart thermostat I was a little confused, so I understand. It does get a little annoying though that so many people can’t figure out how to work the HVAC system. I am thinking about putting up instructions for how to use the AC unit just so that people stop calling me! I spend most of my time just turning on an AC unit, but I guess in reality that means I have a pretty easy job. I thought about being an HVAC technician at one point but I have realized that would actually be a lot more work. I don’t think that many people who own homes call their HVAC technician over simple matters like not being able to work the smart thermostat. I am always amazed at how many people have trouble with the smart thermostat, I guess you have to be smart these days to enjoy the benefits of HVAC!


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