I’m asking for a wifi temperature control for Christmas

I made the mistake of attending a absolutely extravagant university. I graduated with a degree that I don’t use and a immense debt. I’ve been out of school for nearly five years, and I’m still struggling to spend money off our loans… Between insurance costs, cary payments and our mortgage, I can barely keep up. There is no extra money to take trips, go out to eat or any sort of luxury. I typically take fortune of sales, rebates and discounts. I walk to work, clip coupons and am absolutely careful about the temperature control setting… When I purchased our heating and cooling system, I couldn’t afford a top-of-the-line model. The gas furnace and air conditioning system aren’t Energy Star rated or overly efficient. Since heating and cooling add up to about fifty percent of the household energy bill, I take every precaution to trim running costs. Whenever there is a holiday, I ask our parents for practical gifts, however for our birthday, they often buy myself and others air filters for the gas furnace or air conditioning system… Just a small number of years ago, they purchased myself and others a dehumidifier and hired an HVAC corporation to install it. The dehumidifier lets myself and others set a higher temperature control setting during the Summer and save some money. Two years ago, for Christmas, Dad and dad signed myself and others up for a service program with a local HVAC corporation. A corporation comes to our house twice per year to repair the gas furnace and air conditioning system. The respected upkeep lessens the opening of a malfunction and keeps the heating and cooling system running at peak efficiency. This Christmas, I am asking for a smart temperature control.

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