I’m worried about the heat for the party we are planning

My partner as well as I are considering having a massive party this summer.

We want to celebrate the 4th of July along with the end of all of the quarantine stuff that’s been happening.

We are undoubtedly hoping that the temperature that day won’t be unbearably hot, however it usually is undoubtedly overheated on the fourth of July. We have been trying to brainstorm ideas to figure out what we might be able to do to help ease the brutal heat, even though we will undoubtedly be having the party outside… I was thinking that we might want to rent a massive outdoor tent with flaps on it as well as even maybe a dance floor. If we do have a tent like that, then I would be able to rent some portable air conditioning devices to place around in the corners of the tent. With portable a/c devices as well as flaps on the tent, we should be able to create a fairly comfortable area for people to go in as well as start cooling down if they become too overheated outside… My partner believes that it won’t be too big of a deal if the uneven temperatures outside are too overheated, however we don’t have a pool or anything where people can go to cool off. Our household isn’t that big, either, and so it’s not really an option. I think the tent with portable air conditioning devices would be a brilliant move, but she doesn’t undoubtedly want to pay all of that money. I think I can talk her into it, though. I just don’t want anyone feeling overheated as well as miserable at our party.

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