It wasn’t cute when our daughter slammed the thermostat to the ground

I thought it was cute when our daughter first started climbing things like the couch and window sills.

  • Then she started climbing everything and even went to the top of the cat tree a bunch of times.

She eventually broke the cat tree and got into all kinds of trouble. She was climbing all the dressers and running in circles on the dining room table. Then she took a chair to reach the thermostat. She figured out how to pull the thermostat out of the wall and then she would jam it back into the wall. I don’t know why she had this fascination of messing with the thermostat, but you couldn’t get her to stop. I was considering putting a cage around the thermostat but I never got around to doing that. One day, I told our daughter to quit messing with the thermostat. I probably shouldn’t have given her a tone, because she looked at me, smiled, and slammed the thermostat to the ground! That thermostat broke into pieces and I was not very happy about it. She was too young to really discipline harshly. I just yelled at her and told her to never do that again. She started crying, but she really shouldn’t be doing things like that. I had to go to the HVAC supplier to pick up a new thermostat and while I was at it, I made sure to look for a cage as well. It wasn’t long before a worker came to help me and he recommended the smart thermostats. There happened to be a smart thermostat on sale and I got that. He also found me a good cage to install around the thermostat that had a lock on it, so the thermostat couldn’t be tampered with by my little one.

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