It’s been a cool run

I appreciate my home, I really do.

I have lived in this home for about 25 years now and have seen a lot in that time.

One of my only major complaints about my home is how freezing it gets in the master study room. I am an unquestionably frigid and cold-natured person and, while I appreciate it a bit freezing when I try to sleep, I don’t appreciate feeling as if I’m in a walk-in freezer! Okay, that’s entirely an over exaggeration of the situation however still, it’s freezing in that room. My spouse and I were talking about it again a few weeks ago and looking up solutions online. This is an older new home and we know it absolutely had a fireplace at a single point however that seemed to be a lot of work to get that fireplace up and running again. The two of us had once before had our Heating and Air Conditioning provider send out an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman on the premises to take a look and he had said that in order to fix the issue all of us would simply need to get zoned Heating and Air Conditioning. Well, that was a lot to accomplish too- especially for a single room! After explaining that to the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman at our doorstep he had passively commanded getting a radiant heater. I didn’t know what that meant, and he explained that it’s more similar to a portable heating system. I was unquestionably gleeful when I saw that a nice portable radiant heating system was really affordable and, I’m happy to report, works absolutely well!

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