It’s time to move on

I’m so damn tired of the city environment, & the urban environment in general, however there doesn’t seem to be any kind of nature living here, & the city is always polluted. I would love nothing more than to move far away to a much nicer, prettier area. I’ve always thought islands were absolutely cool, since they are separated from other land, & not truly various people live on islands, but one massive bonus that I forgot to mention is that islands are much cooler! Being surrounded by water, the water helps keep the entire island cool, which would mean nice and humid tropical weather, unlike the modern dry air I get to experience, right at this point, I guess I don’t have enough currency to afford moving to an island, despite the fact that I guess when I do, I will go ahead & make the move. Until then, I have been using our reliable & a humidifier to help with our needs, then since the outside weather is horribly brutal, almost all year long, I have our system on during the days & I turn it off at days, and another reason why I want to transfer to an island. I have also been helping a humidifier to help with the constant dry air, & it really has helped a lot, with both the air conditioner & the humidifier, I guess I can deal with the weather here long enough until I can plan my big move into our dream island, then hopefully then I won’t need to worry about extravagant Heating, Ventilation & A/C bills anymore & can have nice and lovely temperatures.

Cooling install