Made it seem like hanging mini split was no big deal

Sometimes I admit that I take on projects I am not at all skilled to complete.

  • I get very excited about something I’ve seen on a DIY YouTube channel or a Pinterest post and I decide that I can tackle the same amount of work.

This is not true. I do not have the same skills as many of these handymen who are now creating high quality internet content. This is how I wind up halfway through a project, calling a professional in an utter panic and wishing that I had never set out to achieve my goal in the first place. Most recently, my ambitions failed in response to completing an air quality control project. For the past several years we have had uneven air temperatures all throughout the house. It has been very annoying for everybody to contend with the hot and cold fluctuations as well as the increasing energy bills from constantly fiddling with the thermostat. Eventually, I decided it was time to just get a smaller heating and cooling system in the areas that we needed the most air temperature control. For this, I thought I should get a mini split ductless heating and cooling system. When I saw it online, it looked incredibly easy to buy this compact heating and cooling system and hang it yourself. The DIY instructor made it look like a breeze as far as installing the new air quality control implement. When I got started, however, I quickly realized that this indoor air quality device was not so simple for me. Halfway through the mini split ductless heating and cooling system installation I found myself calling an emergency HVAC repair service. They charged me out the butt for the simple HVAC installation.

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