Make sure your HVAC unit is properly sized for the square footage of your home

People who are not familiar with how HVAC units work may think that in any case, a bigger unit is better.

The bigger your HVAC unit is, the faster it will heat or cool your home, and thus, the more efficient it will be, right? Surely, a big unit in a small house will mean that the big unit won’t have to work as hard or long to heat or cool the house.

It may even last longer as a result. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. Properly sizing your climate control unit for your home is very important. If the HVAC unit in question is too large or too small, in both cases, your energy costs will go up. How on Earth could that be the case? Well, the latter situation is probably easier to understand. A small heating and air conditioning unit installed in a very large house will have to work harder in order to heat or cool all of that square footage. You might find is it has to run a nearly constantly in order to get to the desired temperature throughout the home. So bigger is better, right? Not necessarily. If a large HVAC unit is able to heat or cool a home in no time at all then it will turn off about as fast as it turned on. Having the unit constantly turn on and off just isn’t good for the system. Furthermore, because the unit is on for such a short amount of time, it might be making the home cooler on a hot and humid day, but it is not running long enough to get rid of the humidity as well. As a result, your home can feel cool and damp!