My brother is passive aggressive about my home’s air quality

I have an unusual brother who prefers to sing about everything.

He does this when he’s attempting to tell people something or being passive aggressive. Lately, my brother has been visiting my home plus singing about someone needing to improve their home’s air quality. At first I didn’t let it irritate me, but he came over a few more after that and started singing a tune about somebody forgetting to replace the air filter to their Heating as well as A/C system. I assured my brother that I do replace the air filters respectfully, plus then he started asking me about the HVAC duct system. I told him that he better not start singing about a proper HVAC duct cleaning, but he ignored me. My brother went into song plus then I began chasing him around my home. However, I realized that he was right and that I needed to do something about the air quality inside my home plus he was merely dropping hints through his songs. He genuinely is a talented singer plus he’s constantly practicing his vocals. It does not matter if it is just conversation or if he is practicing his vocals, he just prefers to sing whenever he has the chance. My brother has been in several plays plus he has a dream to sing in front of large crowds one day. I do think that he will succeed one of these afternoons, I just hope that he does not continue to sing to me regarding my Heating as well as A/C concerns, that genuinely gets on my nerves.


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