My house is so cold

My house is so cold, and I really don’t like it.

My family and I have never agreed on the temperature of the house, but since it is four against one, they always win.

I like the house to be at least seventy degrees. I would prefer it to be closer to seventy-five degrees. My family on the other hand likes the house to be around sixty-five degrees. They set the thermostat to sixty-three degrees because they think that it is two degrees off. I literally freeze in my own house. I basically walk around in sweats year round just to stay warm. I wish that I could keep it warmer in the house, but my family gets upset with me and complains that the house is too warm if I set the temperature any higher than their normal setting. My husband used to turn the temperature up for me when we were first married and did not have any kids. He was so sweet. He did not like it as warm as I did, but he was willing to sacrifice for me. Now that it is him and three kids, he says that I am way outnumbered, and he doesn’t change the temperature. I can’t wait for next month because my kids and husband are going on a camping trip, and I am staying home alone. I will be able to keep the house at whatever temperature I want it to be. I can’t wait to have a seventy-five degree house once again. I actually won’t be cold for once.


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