My husband loves freezing temperatures, so we got zone-controlled HVAC

My husband loves positively frigid temperatures on the thermostat! If he had his way, it would be 65 degrees on the thermostat all through the year. As you would expect, he doesn’t have much of a problem with winter weather. He always comes out with the energy saving argument whenever it’s wintertime and I want to use the heat. All I have to do is remind him that he was not so keen on saving money on the energy bill during just the past summer when he insisted on using the air conditioner so excessively. Thankfully, it has gotten to the point where he respects my wishes and turns up the temperature for me. However, every time I’m away from home for any length of time, I always return to find that he has taken advantage of my absence and turned the temperature way down. I figured there had to be a way to stop this constant back and forth, and it turns out there was. You see, my husband’s two favorite spots in the house are his man cave and the kitchen. On the other hand, I will typically hang out in the living room or our master bedroom. These two areas are pretty much on opposite sides of the house. That’s why we decided to invest in zone control heating and air. With dampers installed in the air ducts to increase or restrict airflow to certain areas of the house, we could now set up thermostats for different zones. Now, when it’s time to do our own thing, we’re both quite comfortable!

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