My HVAC system is disrupting my school work

I wish that I was the category of woman who was bulletproof, but do you suppose what I mean? There are typically those individuals who cannot be frazzled even when the world is burning around them; however, I particularly look up to the sort of woman who is not overly stimulated or thrown into a panic when things go awry! Personally, I cannot even fathom toiling in an environment with loud sounds and also distractions around me.

I am so affected by noise pollution that it completely throws myself and others off our game.

In this up-to-date world of using Zoom for every kind of meeting, things have gotten even worse. I am at the point where I am ready to rip out our indoor air handling devices because of our need for laptop meetings. You see, I am a student who has to attend online course discussions! To my dismay, our central heating, cooling, and air quality control system particularly doesn’t care much about our classes; however, every time I am trying to sit down for the discussion course I guess that our a/c device or forced air gas furnace decides to make even more noise than usual. They are typically banging around while screeching like a banshee when the temperature control sends them the signal to change our indoor air conditions. To my dismay, this heating, cooling, and air quality control distraction prevents myself and others from paying any attention to our discussion courses. I am so consumed with the horrific sounds coming from our cooling system and forced air gas furnace that I wind up going completely blank in the middle of our class. I suppose that the people I live with and I need indoor air temperature control devices, although I also need to complete this luxurious university degree.

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