My neighbor was excited about his modern temperature control until I told him about mine

It was funny the other afternoon, my neighbor was so excited and wanted myself and others to come over to see what he recently had installed in his home.

When I got there to see what the big deal was, he was showing myself and others his modern programmable temperature control.

Now this was a guy that used to have the ancient dial temperature control that couldn’t even be programmed. Now he was so blissful with this temperature control that was entirely fancy for its time, however now it was a bit aged. He was entirely pleased about it, however then I told him about my smart temperature control. When I told him that I could control my temperature control with my smartphone, he was in total disbelief. He couldn’t even think that the smart temperature control was able to program itself based on my preferred settings. I genuinely shouldn’t have said anything and just let him care about his programmable temperature control. Now he was a little bit frustrated. He said that it would be better to program the temperature control a particular way, however it was admittedly a hassle to program the thing. When he had everything programmed on his temperature control the way he liked it, I let him come over to see my smart temperature control. He was entirely impressed that it showed the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the indoor humidity levels, and it was absolutely controlled with the smart app on my iPhone. He said that 1 of these mornings he would care about to get a smart temperature control, however in the meantime he was just going to care about his programmable temperature control.
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