My Poor HVAC Specialist Dad Isn’t Here Any More

I was stuck overseas with the whole Covid thing when my dad got sick and passed away.

I got to say goodbye to him on messenger video and it was one of the saddest moments of my life.

It’s tough saying goodbye to someone who has been with you your whole life since you were born but this is also part of life. I’m having a tough time coming to terms with the notion that my dad is no longer around, it just doesn’t seem real. He worked his whole life in the HVAC industry and made a successful local business out of nothing. I got a chunk of money six months ago which I threw away on a whim and I’m now having to come to terms with that loss too. There must be a lesson in all of this but I am having a tough time knowing exactly what it is that I am supposed to learn from it all. My dad was a local contractor in the HVAC field and made a lot of money and I am feeling guilty about tossing my part away like a fool. I was impatient and this is what I get. I guess the lesson is to be more patient and also to let go of that which is no longer yours. I also work in the HVAC industry doing heating and cooling repairs on HVAC systems along with writing some articles for the industry. I’ll survive these losses and move ahead but I will always miss my dad for as long as I live.

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