My wife and daughter value HVAC far more than I do

I have never been all that controlling over the thermostat in my home.

My wife often fights with my daughter over what temperature to set on the thermostat.

They are not serious fights, but they will often go behind each other’s backs to change the temperatures more to their liking. My wife likes it cooler while my daughter typically likes it warmer. I don’t really mind either of the temperatures that they like to set throughout the year. It probably has something to do with the fact that I grew up without effective climate control for most of my life. Essentially, any amount of heating or cooling is appreciated. Ultimately, my wife enjoyed better climate control than I did growing up, and of course, my daughter has always been with great climate control as well. This is due in large part to my wife making sure that we’ve always had some of the best HVAC systems available. She has always been the one to insist on having great climate control and making sure that our units are properly maintenanced regularly. I will say that we do live in a rather hot region of the country, so I can sympathize with her desire to keep us nice and cool. In the wintertime, however, my wife doesn’t really crank up the furnace call all that high. Again, she prefers cooler temperatures, so the colder months is when my daughter typically increase the temperature on the thermostat. I heard there was a way where you can have multiple zones within a home that can be set to different temperatures, and I’m definitely looking into it!

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